Who I Am

Jose Oseguera is an LA-based writer of poetry, short fiction and literary nonfiction. His writing has been featured in Emrys Journal, The McNeese Review, and The Main Street Rag. He was named one of the Sixty Four Best Poets of 2019 by the Black Mountain Press.

His work has also been nominated for the Best of the Net award (2018, twice in 2019) as well as the Pushcart (2018 and 2019) and Forward (2020) Prizes. He is the author of the forthcoming poetry collection “The Milk of Your Blood.”

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“We admire the melancholy but elegant aura of a woman’s birth of her child in “Ferning.”
The Missouri Review

“‘My heart is a headless pigeon‘ is visceral, moving, powerful, harsh. So cool. It is one of few poems from my judging process that I read out to my wife.”
Petra Kuppers, About Place Journal