Personal History

Introspective stories about a life in the city.

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In Thought, Word and Deed

We had created our own vocabulary. Our own language: part verbal, part body. The only lesson we forgot to teach one another was how to live life without the other.


A Strangely Isolated Place

His hair was long and silky, dark and lustrous. It draped down between his shoulder blades to his mid-lower back even as he wore it in a ponytail.


Heaven Send Hell Away

Both the song and the music video haunted me like nothing before.


Pater Noster

His name thrusted upon me his criminality and the shame that accompanied it.


Cupid Painted Blind

She probably thinks I’m a creep, and her observation wouldn’t be all that inaccurate.


What We Were Supposed To Be

Love felt more alluring in the face of adversity and pointless if you came out of it emotionally unscathed.


Blonde Redhead

This girl presented herself as the perfect catch. She was beautiful, foreign and right in front of me.


Yellow Tigers Crouched In Jungles

There is no such thing as a perfect punch as in most instances there is never enough time to prepare for it. Fighting is improvised.


Converse Upon Pleasant Subjects

I knew exactly who he was referring to. That was my girl and her jeans were painted on.


Black Dog

She was foolish to think that taking his abuse would turn him into the father that she wanted for her children and the husband that she needed for herself.


Love Of Sophia

I respected Sophia. That’s why I fell in love with her. That’s why I supplicated that she not tell her boyfriend about our affair.


The Friends Of Mr. Hopper

Boys were treated differently in Mr. Hopper’s class.


Kiss Kiss Hush Hush

Avy was humble. As humble as a preacher’s daughter can be.



In my family, the name Rhea became synonymous with the word “whore.”


Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

My dad was a fascinating contradiction, a married man living like a homeless man hoarding an undiscriminating amount of undecipherable items of other people’s refuse.


Immigrant Song

Thanksgiving was a time to set aside our differences and indifference and pretend that we could tolerate one another still.


The White Album

Saccharine and corny as most people may seem to think that their songs are, The Beatles’ music represented a type of escape from life.


A Lily By Any Other Name…

She looked as beautiful as she did the last time I saw her. She was mix a of Amélie and Zooey Deschanel.