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What We Have Left Undone

When you address the many, you’re really talking to no one.


Repurposed Earth

They seemed optimistic, looking forward to shooting more smiles than bullets.


Just Breathe

Something so automatic and unconscious becomes an obsession.


No, Woman, No Cry

When it comes to dating, women tend to be more sincere and subtle, harder to read and to obtain.


Explosions Off in the Distance

Even as a child, I never really understood why people got so excited over the coming of a new year.


If You’re Fond Of Sand Dunes And Salty Air

Standing in the sand, your feet begin to sink in it like two ladles into melted chocolate quicksand.


Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful

The zombies represent the things in life that can’t be changed and must somehow be dealt with before they get out of hand.


Homo Homini Lupus Est

Resembling the military more so than a troop of boy scouts, police departments have strict chains of command and rigorous discipline.


What’s A Guy To Do?

LA women are some of the most beautiful women in the US and dare I say, the world.


Alone We Stand, Together We Shun

Turning something into a “problem” automatically allows us as citizens to wash our hands and pass on the burden to an elected official.


Quit it! I’m Smoking

Most sane well-adjusted people would not go up to a stranger and make the same request for any other consumable product.


Monumental LA

Artists from Hollywood, Echo Park, Silver Lake and Highland Park use the cityscape itself to create a reflective portrait of the city.


Technology Of Our Past And Future

Its omniscient presence in our society has created a new evolution of mankind.


Happiness Is A Warm Gun

If you have bad credit or not enough funds, you’re immediately flagged. Bad people should be flagged and never allowed to own guns.