c’est LA vie

Stories about the people, places and things that make up the city of Angels.

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God Isn’t In A Pill

The middle class enjoys the quaintness of the boho chic coffee shops and restaurants, but it despises the drug paraphernalia adorning the sidewalks.


The People V. The City Of LA

These complicated ten foot totem pole puzzles would confound even the cleverest inhabitants of Carroll’s Wonderland.


To Stop

Kaleidoscopic splotches of throbbing pain pierced through the black that had impaired my vision.


Walking In A Winter Wonder LA

Women have an excuse to wear their fashionable raincoats and boots and their reservoir-tipped beanies.


Mr. Rocha’s Neighborhood

Her bun sways back and forth like a palm tree in a storm. This palm tree lies on the unreachable island that is her mind.


I Say A Little Prayer For Her

Nothing but the truth crosses the threshold of her mouth because that’s all that remains.


He Lives On Love Street

The filth that imbues these decrepit structures transmits a blasé sentiment to its inhabitants.


Apart From Us All

I do derive some form of pleasure from seeing people using headphones to take personal calls.


Free LA

You could say that LA is another city that suffers from insomnia.


Subterranean Mémoire

Do people still journal with quill and parchment?


Angeli Ex Civitatem Amat Canibus

People have let their dogs down by not treating them with dignity and respect.


The Smell Of Teen Spirit

Vegan brownies and green tea were flowing like wine and semen at a Greek orgy.


Car Issues That I Wish You Saw

LA is a city where thousands of people drive thousands of thousand pound vehicles that guzzle thousands of dollars in gas.


Kindness Is A Dish Best Served Warm

Most people perceive themselves as “good people” and others as inherently good.



I found his choice of fonts very peculiar as they reflected a level of premeditation and  a rudimentary knowledge of design.