Sans Dieu Dans le Mond

Hello friends,

Please come and check out my piece, recently published by Inlandia Journal, “Sans Dieu Dans le Mond.”

Hope you are all staying safe and healthy.

Peace 🙏

Inlandia: A Literary Journey

Sans Dieu Dans le Mond

Because He knew that we wouldn’t always have Him,
they were left onto us, the homeless,
those problems that we’d always have around—
the vilified, the virulent, the victims of our neglect—
yet we left them to die in the streets,
on permanent quarantine: no food or help,
no change, yet nickel-and-dimed, no quarter,
no sanctuary, no Samaritans— good or otherwise— to hear their woes,
no hearth to heat their feet, no place to head home to,
nowhere for God’s orphans to lay their heads.
Instead we’ve placed upon them a virus that preceded pandemic,
a couronne d’épines, a world as dystopian as Dick’s,
as dire as Dickins’, and as divesting as Dickinson’s.
How many COVIDs or flus will it take for us to covet the role of protector
we were given and share the mercy we pray so much for—
the covenant we have…

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  1. I appreciate your concern, but there are many noble souls trying to meet the needs of the homeless. My daughter-in-law is one of them. Every day she goes to our local exhibition centre where our city has arranged for the homeless to drop in, have their health checked, and to be put in touch with social services. She is also continuing to find homes for some of them. It is an ongoing struggle and those workers do it for very little pay, every day, before, during, and after COVID-19.

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    1. Thank you for reading my piece and for continuing the very important conversation of helping those who are most vulnerable and in need. People like your daughter-in-law are great examples of what can and should be done in every city in the world. I hope that you and yours stay safe and healthy.

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