Fiction & Poetry

Hello friends,

Hope you are all staying healthy and safe in light of the outbreak of COVID-19. This is a good time to practice basic human courtesy and benevolence as our leaders try to find the best way to protect us, and the world community seeks for ways to heal itself.

Today, I bring a story and a few pieces of poetry that were published (not too long ago) in The Olivetree Review titled “Waltzing in Gethsemane” (fiction) and “El Baño del Albañil” and “Ode to a single mother of three from three different fathers (poetry).”

It is in these moments of uncertainty and, yes, fear, that we must band together and believe that, although things are changing and might never be the same, everything is going to be okay. We will make it through these catastrophic times. Take the time to read a good book or watch movies, comfort your loved ones and tell them you love them. Most importantly, give! Whether you’re a creator or not, give that which only you can give; give peace. If you create, then put forth your creations. Art, culture and that which makes us human needs to thrive even when everything else around us is shutting down.

Lastly, believe; believe that we will get through this because we will!

Peace 🙏🏼

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