Animal Mother


You are there and not there, around when I need you most—
More than you’ve needed me— slumbering sweet on my rug,
Next to my feet, and under my heart.

Image Credit

Dog Paws [Photograph]. Dan Gold. Accessed on 03/09/2018


  1. Wow, what an emotional wallop, Ze! Anyone who is or has been close to a pet (and humans too) will be moved by this powerful poem. Overall, the poem made me reminisce happily, introspect, shed tears from a heartfelt ache remembering our beloved dog. I’ll do a reading of the poem when we gather to commemorate and talk about our shared joyful memories during the anniversary of his passing.

    One of your most compelling poems in terms of emotional tone. Truly touching! Quite close to my favorite one, “The Depths of You.” Dogs are akin to angels. Their human-like qualities of unconditional love, loyalty, unending tongue and tail wagging when they see you, etc. serve as reminders of the best qualities humans aspire to. It seems so natural for them as if they’re born with those qualities.

    Congratulations once more for another outstanding piece of writing! Always enjoy reading your stories and looking forward to the next one. Keep writing, my friend.

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  2. Thank you, Vida. This piece was specially close to me in that I consider my dog to be not only a part of my family, but a part of me. I’m glad that it reminded you of your dog, and that helped to bridge your memories of him with your emotions.

    In many ways, dogs and pets in general remind us of what is important in life, often acting more human than us.

    I always appreciate reading your notes and lovely words. Cheers!

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  3. Wow… I’m at a loss of words, really. My favourite parts were “The right hand of the Son of Man for suffering at the hands of sons of bitches.” and “Your weathered paws never trained me how
    To release from its leash.”
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  4. Powerful words, Ze. I have always felt that pets are the Time Capsules of our lives and this story brings back so many memories of pets, past and present. I strive to be the person that they think I am.

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  5. I never knew your talents extend into verse, Jose. I’m impressed, but not surprised, by your command of language.

    Lately, my love of dogs has reached a deeper level (a personal story I’d love to share with you sometime), so I relate to this.

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