Crumb Of Eternity

Crumb of Eternity will be featured in

Sky Island Journal’s Issue #3,

their Winter 2018 release.

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  1. Amazing! Don’t know if that is based on a true story (I really hope it isn’t!), but if it is your grandmother will forever be remembered because of your words for her. Because she meant so much that you needed to open your heart in your writing. I’m more than sure she used to be real proud of having such a talented grandson. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. One life recipe your grandmother did not keep to herself and imbued in you is her passion for life, love of cooking. Her spirit has infused your passion for writing. It’s evident in this heartfelt, nostalgic poem, and in “Panis Angelicus,” your moving tribute to her love of family as seen in her devotion to making tortillas.

    This is a very timely reminder during the holidays of the role of parental love and responsibility. If passed on to future generations, it could strongly influence nurturing and responsible people. You powerfully addressed this truth in “Through His Bars of Rage.”

    To your grandmother and to you, Ze, for lovingly sharing her Zest for life with us, I sincerely thank both of you for the timeless reminder this holiday season. Salud!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Vida. It is important to remember what those that have left us have left for us in this life. Their influence is everlasting and ever-meaningful as we grow older and wiser.

      Words that meant nothing to us as children take on a whole new meaning and worth for us as adults. Thank you for reading my work and for your support. Happy holidays.


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