The Depths Of You

The Depths of You will be published in the upcoming issue of:

Jelly Bucket Number 8

It is an annual graduate-student-produced literary journal from Eastern Kentucky University’s  Bluegrass Writers Studio.

As always, thank so very much for your continual readership and support.

Love you all.


  1. Wow thank you so very much! This moved me in a way I didn’t expect it to; you have an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge and it shows brilliantly through your writing my friend! I’m so glad your blog exists; such moving work indeed :). Thank you for existing among us, you certainly are one of a few small flickering lights amidst a sea of darkness.

    -R.S. Noel

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    1. Thank you, my friend. Your talent is also a reminder to me that one must give their all to what they love. We share an affinity for writing and expressing ourselves fully through it. Cheers, and continue to share your light with the world.

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  2. I found this wonderful, resonating for me on levels of Being where both the depths and limitlessness of connectedness are far beyond the assumed and superficial and describe a quality of relationship which words can only reach for. You’ve done so admirably. Loved it.

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    1. Thank you, Martta. You’re totally right, words can only hope to reach the surface of the boundless depths of friendship and love. It is our duty as writers to try to bridge that gap by paving the way with a tapestry of exquisitely selected ideas, crafted into words that move us.


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