Panis Angelicus

Panis Angelicus will be published in the upcoming issue of:

Meat for Tea: The Valley Review – Volume 11, Issue 4: Kid

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  1. Wonderful post and puts me right in the kitchen.
    Food is truly the glue that binds so many families together. Too bad the glue is starting to thin with the current direction of society where the State is becoming the family

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    1. I agree. We need to bring back the good ol’ family values. They weren’t perfect, but they sure fostered something special, something that made us better people, and better citizens 😉 Thank you for reading.


    1. Amen to that. Cooking, as mundane as it may appear at first, is part of what makes food so memorable and meaningful. Of course, the cooks in our families are great at what they do, but the manner and spirit by which they did/do so, is truly what is artistic. I’m glad you liked it 😉

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  2. An evocative piece of writing that instantly touches the heart! Starting with beautifully melodic title to the nostalgic tone throughout, it made me homesick for my Dad’s freshly baked bread that is now truly Panis Angelicus as he bakes bread for the angels. Can’t wait for it to be Thanksgiving now! stripSearchLA, your paean to your grandma is full of love so similar to each tortilla she lovingly created for you and your family. Kudos to another powerful story that’s definitely from your heart. I’m sure your grandma is smiling at you so proudly. Keep writing from the depth of your soul.

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    1. Vida, I’m glad you enjoyed this piece so much. I had no idea that this title was so dear to you and had such meaning in your life. Art is precisely that, “meaning” that only the heart can comprehend.


  3. This is a beautiful tribute to your grandmother and a touching reminder to us of our grandmothers. My father’s mother was blind and nevertheless she, too, was a wizard in the kitchen.

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      1. Yeah, I agree. If you look into the science of genealogy, you can discover so much about yourself by looking at your grandparents’ way of living, both mentally and physically.


      2. Have you watched the “Finding Your Roots” show on PBS? They do an interesting in-depth look at the genealogy of their guests. There are some surprising results along the way.

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  4. I was going to say food porn, but then you started talking about grandmas. 😀 Short and beautiful. Stunning structure and extraordinary descriptions (as usual). I had never thought of food as something associated with family and stuff like that, but I can say that grandmas do make the best food…
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. It’s always good to remember the true heroes in our lives: the family members, friends and sometimes lovers that make a difference in our lives and make our existence in this beautiful Earth, not only bearable, but worth living every day 😉 I’m glad that you liked it.

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  5. My Irish grandmother used to make Welsh cakes, also known as griddle cakes, which she called scones. No one remembers how she did it because she hated to be pestered while cooking but loved feeding us, and I haven’t had one since she passed on. You’ve inspired me to try to make some.

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    1. Hey, thanks for this awesome comment. I find myself in a similar situation. I never bothered to learn how to make tortillas while my grandma was alive, but now I’m exploring different recipes on how to make the best tortillas lol Good luck on your journey to rediscover your grandmother’s Welsh cakes 😉


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