Letter To An Unknown Writer

I’m glad to announce that “Letter To An Unknown Writer” has been published in the Winter issue of Authorship.

Please look for the new Winter issue next week on their website www.nationalwriters.com (It will be on the ‘Videos’ link).


  1. Wow, what a powerful piece! I especially love this question: “Is it like breathing to prove that you can breathe or is it breathing because you’d die if you didn’t?”. Thank you!!

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  2. Thank you so much stripSearchLA from the bottom of my heart and the deep recesses of my mind for the profound and powerful lessons this piece has reminded me! I’m a novice writer and this letter means so much to my process right now coming from a relatively new and talented writer like you. I’m moved to hear these truths you experienced and sharing with me, with us readers and writers. Muchas gracias for the inspiration!

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    1. Vida, thank you for the touching comment. I’m glad that I was able to communicate to you these ideas and that you were able to find them useful. I hope to keep discovering more truths about the craft of writing and about myself. Keep writing, my friend, and I hope that you always find your muse. I look forward to reading some of your work very soon. Cheers!


  3. Writing to teach, writing to comment, writing to express yourself, even writing for sheer creative exuberance is because you were made to write…even when you do not do it well, even when the ideas fade, and the ink runs dry and the energy to put one more sentence together is reft from you.

    Yes, being a writer is all that, and more. You describe it very well.

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  4. This post caught me during a period of procrastination. Now I have to stop and write down some notes about a developing story. Thanks for the nudge.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for being a creative force in this world. I’m glad I was able to capture if only a fraction of what we as writers feel and think. Never stop writing, my friend 😉

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  5. And you did it again… I am in awe and tears. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL piece! I’m willing to fight anyone that denies this is the most ispirational, heart-warming, stunning letter, that has ever been writtien for a writer, any writer. I especially liked that part where it says “A truth that can be rejected, criticized, and buried for hundreds of years— by rubble or online babble— but one that can never be silenced or denied.” and “Write even if nobody is reading. Write especially because nobody is reading.” Thank you for writing this. Thank you from the -I want to believe- endless bottom of hy heart! 🙂


    1. Mademoiselle, thank you for your lovely words. I’ve been wanting to write a piece like this for a while, but it wasn’t until you nominated me for an award that I felt truly compelled to put down in words what writing truly means to me.

      I wanted to inspire all writers, but especially the writers whose work I have grown to admire. You, my friend, are one of them. I’m glad that this letter touched you the way it did and I am thankful beyond measure for your reblogging and appreciation of my work.

      Thank you for taking on the difficult and sometimes lonely task of bringing art into this world. Cheers, my dear 😉

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      1. You are such a creative person and I tend to feel inspired by people like you. I like to see that other people are being artistic and creative. We are in a sense, creating a living, breathing, artistic community.

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  6. Reblogged this on Mademoiselle FANTASY and commented:
    I could write that this is an amazing post, or that I was in tears (in a good way) while reading this, or that you MUST read it… But I won’t. I don’t have enough words to do that. I don’t think the any dictionary in this world has enough words to describe it. What I will see is “Please read this post, by stripSearchLA. Check out the rest of his stuff, and maybe some of mine too.”

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  7. Everything state dis spot on….
    Loved the sentence, “Write because you need to, not because you have to”
    The only things I ever HAVE to do are the one or two activities I outline for myself each day (the night before) and I need to complete those to make me feel good about myself.
    And if I feel good everyone else does also.
    Been eating the elephant one bite at a time for over 70 years

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    1. Thank you for your powerful comment, Chuck. I admire all writers, but especially experienced writers such as yourself. I’ve often found that readers, including other writers, judge a writer’s skill or process based on the final product, which reads easily. But I guess that’s the act of magic we have to perform as writers, that of making the incredibly complex– at times inspiring, at times infuriating– process of converting thoughts, ideas, and emotions into words.

      Here’s to many more years of eating the elephant 😉


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