Going Home

Going Home will be featured in TOE GOOD magazine.

Follow this link to read and listen to an excerpt of the story read by yours truly:




  1. This story is so powerful. It’s probably your best out of all the ones I’ve read. Very well crafted.

    You should submit it to some literature journals or magazines. Seriously. It’s certainly worthy of a large audience.

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  2. Totally agree with CB’s comment. This is your best writing from the title to the ending in terms of your strong qualities as a writer. Your strengths as a writer all merged and so balanced throughout the piece. The narrative flows smoothly. The coming of age of youth and loss of innocence vividly resonate and flows across time and place. I’m from another era and generation, and country but totally relate to the emotional highs and lows; the same sentiments my father, brothers and close friends have told about their coming of age stories. You wrote about themes that are universal and did it superbly stripSearch. This piece could be read decades from now and still resonate the same powerful way it does now. It was a touching Going Home to my past after the last beautiful paragraph. Congratulations! You should definitely attempt to publish this story and should be published. Hopefully, WordPress features this story like your previous gem. Keep writing precious pieces like this. Looking forward eagerly for more.

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    1. Vida, your comment is full of honesty and encouragement. I do hope to get it published someday soon and I have people like you to thank for that. Your kind words and and inspirited comparisons to your and other’s experiences inspire me to continue to hone my craft and write stories that traverse time and space. Thank you for being a great friend and supporter.


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