Walking in a Winter Wonder LA

Blow, blow, you winter wind. You aren’t as harsh as people’s ingratitude. Many of us believe that the winter holidays bring out the best in us. We loosen our purse strings and our heartstrings giving off to others the impression of generosity and kindness. In LA, the winter season brings about a temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is cold enough to make its citizens uncomfortable to immediately take out their coats and jackets with the same impetus that one breaks out a fire extinguisher from its glass cabinet in the midst of a raging all-consuming fire. Women have an excuse to wear their fashionable raincoats and boots, keeping their hands warm with mittens and their heads with reservoir-tipped beanies. Men look pretty much the same as they did in the fall. The smell of overpriced coffee, consumerism and trees, as if money grew on them, fill the cold air. Both people and their dogs get bundled up in their festive knitted sweaters and strut around in streets crowded by a large amount of people with a large amount of disposable time off from work. The sidewalks are decorated with a multicolored tapestry of vomit from a prior night’s binge of festive merriment and jolly.

Freeze, freeze, you bitter sky, your bite isn’t as painful as when good deeds are forgotten. We leave behind a year full of memories and regrets, victories and defeats, all of which we are certain of and welcome a new one full of uncertainty. So, instead of cluttering our lives with goals and over-stimulus in the form of a bucket list, we should take the opportunity of starting anew again with the New Year and declutter instead. All together, erase items from this collection of unfulfilled promises by creating a “fuck it” list. The world is already full of foolish things lying around vying for our attention, let’s not corroborate them lest we rob ourselves of a new beginning.

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