What’s A Guy To Do?

There is nothing more graceful or undeniably beautiful than the weightlessness and fluidity of an LA woman’s gait. Some guys like other more pronounced or protruding feminine features, which I do as well, but for me, the way a woman struts her stuff is a major point of attraction. From toe to head, I am also a huge admirer of a woman’s countenance, in its natural form, in particular. A beautiful face can be appreciated without makeup as the two features that make a face pleasant to look at don’t really need makeup anyway. I’m referring to the eyes (their iris color and light behind them) and smile (teeth, lips, and the other dozens of muscles involved in creating it).

LA women are some of the most beautiful women in the US and dare I say, the world. In general, women are known as the fairer gender and they truly are. Men are beautiful as well, don’t get me wrong, but most women emanate a soft and powerful energy that is both gentle and rugged. Growing up raised by a single mother, I have grown to appreciate how strong women really are and can be when a given situation calls for it.

Whenever I see a beautiful woman walking towards me or if she is sitting at a close proximity or in my vicinity, I can’t help but look and smile. I’m not trying to be a creep or flirt, I just happen to find her presence to be a pleasant one. The same can be said when I see another man who happens to carry himself with a positive energy.

It is true, there are many guys out there who are total creeps, as in, they are looking to date everything and anything that is female. There are other guys who will take it a step further and actually accost a woman. I, and many other guys out there, don’t fall into these categories. We just want to reflect the same pleasantness we receive from the women we encounter. We simply want to be gentlemanly.

However, sometimes trying to be a gentleman and doing niceties for strange women in the street or public spaces can backfire. She does have the right to refuse, after all. But I often do hear women say “chivalry is dead” and “all men are jerks”. Ladies, times are a changin’ as good ol’ Bob sung so long ago, men are different and so are you. We behave differently and what is expected of each gender is also different and constantly changing.

Personally, I will continue to act “chivalrous” and admire the opposite gender that inspires so many emotions and art in me. I hope not to seem creepy to them in the process, but I guess that is something that is totally out of my control. Creepiness is also in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes I smile at women that smile back at me and sometimes I get rejected and denied of their pearly whites. I’m not necessarily keeping score, but I do hope that I keep getting more smiles than rejections.

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