Free LA

Whether it’s Sunday or Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, there’s always something going on in LA. You could say that LA is another city that suffers from insomnia. If you ever find yourself alone and bored at home, it is probably a self-imposed condition as there is probably a free concert in a nearby park, a farmers market, or a meet up somewhere in the city’s huge expanse.

During the summer, you can probably go to a farmers market on every day of the week (and no, the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax doesn’t count). I’m talking about the ephemeral gypsy-type, the ones that set up shop and tear it all down a few hours later. Some of my favorite ones include the one across from the Arclight Theater in Hollywood on Sundays and a smaller one on Mondays on the corner of Fountain and Vista near Plummer Park. Farmers markets are not only a great way of supporting local growers and farmers, but also a place to try new seasonal foods and meet new people of both genders. You can check out the produce and the people. A one-stop-shop. Although farmers markets aren’t technically free, you are allowed to enter them free of charge and be that cheapskate that tries the samples from booth to booth and never buys anything. Not judging, as I too have been that person.

Another free activity that LA offers is concerts; some near the beach or at public parks. The city is teeming with musical talent and organizations such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) sponsors up to three free concerts a week: a jazz concert on Fridays, Latin Jazz on Saturdays, and Classical on Sundays. The Getty and Skirball museums (both off of I-405) offer a plethora of free concerts and events, as well. During the summer, the Santa Monica Pier will feature big name artists performing full sets of music, completely free.

If you are more of a theater buff, events like Shakespeare in the Park in Griffith Park puts together full productions of the Bard’s work. The open air unamplified performances transport you to the past and give you a taste of what it would have been like to attend one of these performances during the 1600s.

I’m probably forgetting other venues that offer free events, but that just supports my whole argument that LA offers a ton of free concerts and events. So, get off your couch every now and then and explore the city and all the free stuff it has to offer.

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