The White Album

It should come as no surprise that I, like most people, am a Beatles fan. Hold on, give me a second to get on my proverbial soapbox…OK, I’m ready.

I’ve been listening to this band’s music since I was a kid growing up in LA, living a life that at the time, I thought was perfect. Singing along to their songs without really knowing what I was singing about and later learning how to play the guitar using their songs as both a conduit and goal, cemented their importance in my life and as a part of my life in LA. Saccharine and corny as most people may seem to think that their songs are, The Beatles’ music represented a type of escape from life.

Constantly moving from LA to Tijuana to San Diego back to LA all in the context of a broken home led by a single twenty-something-year-old mom, The Beatles’ songs were the few constants “in my life” (no pun intended). I could always turn on the radio or pop in a cassette tape and get lost in their music.

Interestingly enough, the Beatles originally wanted to title the “White Album”, “A Doll’s House” which was synonymous with the life my mother and I were living.

As a result, I have bestowed upon myself the right to create a fan fiction version of what the White Album (officially known as “The Beatles”) should have been. This burning desire to alter this album stems from the dissatisfaction expressed by everyone involved in creating this behemoth, including the Fab Four themselves. The aforementioned statement is denied by the Beatles’ official website like my parents trying to hide the fact that they hated each other and that they were getting a divorce.

So, without further ado, here is what I think The Beatles’ White Album should have been whittled down to:

THE BEATLES (The White Album)

Dear Prudence (3:56)

Yer Blues (4:02)

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (4:45)

Mother Nature’s Son (2:46)

Sexy Sadie (3:17)

Helter Skelter (4:31)

Happiness Is A Warm Gun (2:43)

I Will (1:46)

Hey Jude (4:11) – NOTE: Had to remove 3 minutes from the long ending. Sorry :/

Long, Long, Long (3:05)

Blackbird (2:18)

Revolution (3:21)

Cry Baby Cry (3:02)

Julia (2:45)

Approx. 46:44 mins.*

* Abbey Road is 47:23 mins.

A 12 inch record can fit about 22 minutes or music per side at 33 RPM (the most common speed) or 15 minutes per side at 45 RPM.

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